About MooBots

Internet Marketing

Dealing with social media and internet marketing in general is a nightmare. There are simply too many steps for one person to do if you want to make money online. Thank goodness we live in a world with technology to help automate many of those mundane tasks. I discovered long ago during my internet marketing journey, that TONS of time was wasted on the not so fun part of marketing, re-posting similar content day after day on multiple social media outlets and websites can be extremally tiring. That’s why I decided to start automating all my internet marketing needs. Now, making money online is much less frustrating having so much time freed up.

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Black Hat

I started out using a lot of black hat internet marketing techniques. Although black hat has it’s time and place, its known for not being as sustainable.

White Hat

White hat internet marketing has a much longer start up than working with black hat techniques. Which can be uninspiring not seeing those results right away. However, once things get rolling, you can tend to keep that ball rolling much longer than black hat techniques.

Which hat should I wear?

At the end of the day, you need to do what feels best for you. However, I love the idea of wearing a little bit of the black hat, and white hat. That’s right, you can totally do grey hat internet marketing to make money online! Use some black hat techniques to further your white hat goals!